If you look to your left under the badges section there is a badge reading "Works on 3DS". When clicked on it redirects to a picture showing my website running in the 3DS Internet Browser.

I decided to extend this idea by loading my website on any device that:

  1. Has Internet access
  2. Can reach the website

3DS: Rating 7/10

I'd like to note that this was done 4 months ago, so it's inaccurate.

The website took a long time to load in, the SR20DET GIF did not play, the "Uhh here is a badge" badge did not show up, and the logo/header did not move. It could be that the features were too new, the 3DS couldn't handle it, or the browser doesn't implement it.

3DS [Retest]: Rating 7/10

I retried it. Same issues as last time.

PlayStation 3: Rating 10/10

Worked perfectly (the PS3 is essentially a computer after all, OtherOS was a thing), although the animation didn't work but I didn't notice.

Wii: Rating NaN/10

Doesn't load.

Windows 7/IE8: Rating NaN/10

Someone told me (I forgot who, probably kazo) it didn't load and I tested it myself at one point and it also didn't load.

DSi Browser (on 3DS): Rating NaN/10

I think the DSi Browser is just the Wii one. Didn't load.

HP EliteBook 840 G6: Rating 11/10

I'm literally making this page on it right now.

Safari on iPhone 11: Rating 7/10

It works and loads in but it's small and hard to navigate (I can't be bothered to make a mobile version though.)

Chrome on my friend's Android (he said it might be a Samsung): Rating 7/10

Same issue with iPhone, works, hard to navigate.

Fire TV Stick: Rating TBD/10

I have to check what's wrong with it because it's bootlooping, also I don't think there's even a browser for Fire TV.